How to add new products including variations in WordPress?

Hello everyone today I am going to share with you an amazing article in which I shall tell you how you can upload products in your WordPress dashboard including variations. I shall explain each and everything in this article. To understand this read the whole article. Without wasting our time let’s begin.

1-Login Into WP Dashbaord

In the first step, you have to login into your wp dashboard by entering /wp-admin in the URL bar of your domain. Like this

then add username and password there and click on login button.

Add Product

1-Go Product>Add new Product

Here you can add

  • Product title
  • Product description
  • Product categories
  • Product price
  • Product tag
  • Product image

You have to add the weight of the product

  • You can also add short   description  here
  • You can also add featured image

Variations of Products

1-In some cases, you may need to add variations you can follow these stepsSelect variation products in the product data

2-Go to Attributes and  then select the variation  of  product you  to add .You can add color,numeric-size ,size and custom product attributes.

I am adding the size base attribute because my product is on size. The default size unit of the WordPress is Kilogram. So add this attribute.

3-In the next step you have to add size values as I have added Large(L), medium(M) and small then click on the save button.

Note:Make sure you checked used for variations otherwise variations will not display.

4-Go to variations and then select create variations from all attributes and then click on go button it displays a popup asking “Are you sure you want to add variation. Click on the OK button then it will add all attributes variations you added.

It will be like this

5-Now you have to add price and weight in the variations.Just select one variation and then add the price and weight you want to add. You can also add sale price,in-stock options but mainly you have to add price and weight.

The product will look like this on the page.

I hope you have understood it very well if you have any kind of issue then you can tell us in the comment section and I shall reply it .For amazing articles keep visiting code specialist on a daily basis thank you.

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