How to change Fonts of WordPress Website?

Welcome again to Here we I updates about the code and wordpress updates.Today I shall tell you how you can change your wordpress website fonts just after few clicks.Let’s start without wasting our time.

Here are simple steps

1-Install plugin

2-Customize website fonts.

1-Install plugin

Go to plugins>Add new> then search google fonts there then you will see this logo plugins. Click on install and activate button.

You have to click on it

2-Customize website fonts.

Now you need to customize your website fonts. For this purpose just go to the Apperacnce>Customization. Here you will see many customization options. But on the top you will se first option fonts plugin.You have to select this option.

Next you will see fonts setting but you have to select basic fonts settings.Here you can select fonts you want to add on your wordpress website . I have selected poppines which is my favourite font.

Fonts settings.

I hope you will like this article if you like this articles then keep on visiting this website I shall share amazing techniques related to the wordpress website.Thank you!

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