How to Install Progressive Web App?

Progressive web app are like native apps which could be install by one click you don’t need to go google paly or apple store to search and see if it is ranking or not if ranking then install it .You can install it by visiting website .Here I am going to define how you can install progressive web apps on you devices. Here is list of devices you can learn how you can install it .





Progressive web apps have limitations with iOs devices. Number one is it does not show push notifications on it and second is it does not support popups and blocks javascripts functions. So you have install manually on your iOs device.Here is quire simple method.

1-Tap the Share button (at the browser options)

2-From the options tap the Add to Homescreen option, you can notice an icon of the website or screenshot of website added to your devices homescreen instantly.

3-Tap the icon from homescreen, then the Progressive Web App of your website will be loaded.


Progressive web apps are android friendly . You can easily install them by add to homescreen popup showing on the screen when you visit the weibsite.

Here you can see add to home screen button

Secondly if you don’t see any kind of popup button on the android device then you can easily install by going add to home screen button.

1-Go to three dot on the right side

2-scroll a little bit here you can see add to home screen button.

3-simply click on it and it will ask you install app

4-Click on installation button

Click on add to home screen button


There is quite simple method to install progressive web app on your Windows operating system .You will be showing download icons in the url bar just click on it it will ask to install the app just click on install button it will be installed.

I hope you will be able to understand how you can install progressive web app on your device. If you have any kind of question then you can ask in the comments I shall reply it. Thank You!

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