How to Install WordPress On Hostinger?

WordPress is the famous CMS and it is easy to use and mange. A person who does not have technical knowledge of WordPress can also mange it very easily. But he needs basic information and guidelines for it. So here I am for you to tell how you can install wordpress on Hostinger web hosting.

WordPress Installation is easy task but it varies from company to company so if you are looking for Hostinger web hosting Wrodpress Installation guidelines then you are right place.Here I shall tell you how you can install it. Here is quick guide for you.

For this purpose you have to go to cpanel>Auto Installer

After that you have to go to select section and then you have to see many options for it. You have to select according to you. I am going to select first one.

On next step I have to insert basic information like username and Password and domain on which I want to install it.Then you have to click on Install and it will install wordpress and also create database.

After all things it will redirect you to the wordpress site and you can easily login by entering wp-login in url.I hope You have understood how you can easily install and use wordpress on Hostinger web hosting . Humbly request keep on visiting this blog for updates like this.

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