How to redirect the domain to cPanel?

Hello everyone, today I am going to discuss a very interesting topic about domain redirection to cPanel. When I started my journey in web designing and web development I decided to make a blog website to share my knowledge. At that point, I have to face domain redirection to the cPanel problem. It was a new thing for me that’s why I took time to complete it. But you don’t need to worry about it. I am going to save your time.

We can redirect the domain to the cPanle by following these steps.

1-Number 1 DNS setting
2-Adding domain on cPanel

1-Number 1 DNS setting

First of all you have to go to the dashboard of your domain. As I have Hostinger domain name that’s why I am going there. Then you have to go to the DNS setting and then change the DNS setting according to your cPanel. some off DNS settings of famous companies I have I am described here you can set the settings and click on save button it will take 24 hours to redirect the domain to the that Cpanel.

Some Famous companies are DNS records.



These may vary according to the condition depending on hosting type.

2- Adding domain on cPanel

Now we have to add a domain into the cPanel. For this purpose you have to go to the cPanel>addon domains. Here you have to add your domain name and (if you want to create a subdomain you can also put it ) then click on create button it will be created.

Congratulations! you have successfully added a domain on your cPanel. If you have any kind of issue then you can ask in the comment section. I will I shall reply thank you very much!

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