Why is Laragon best localhost setup for developers?

Welcome to this Laragon Introdcution!

In this age of development we have to work on with latest technologies and setup them on localhost for development and testing purposes. Mostly when we are working with PHP frameworks like WordPress ,Laravel , Codeigniter ,with AI like Python then we need to setup local environment for development purposes. In this case we could not decided which one is the best one for our development purposes.

In this case we go to the YouTube and search about it and on the top video we see and decided to work on it. Now the question is It is really helpful for you Not 100%. I am going to tell you best Localhost environment also explaining why this is the best one for you. Now the question is what is Laragon? Here is the answer!

Laragon is a portable, isolated, fast & powerful universal development environment for PHP, Node.js, Python, Java, Go, Ruby. It is fast, lightweight, easy-to-use and easy-to-extend.


Now you may be thinking how it could be best for us as we are using Xampp or other localhost environment. I was also using Xampp from years for my localhsot projects but when I heard and use Laragon then I decided to stop working with Xampp and start using Laragon.

Here are the reasons why I am using Laragon and why it is best for you?

1-Simple and Pretty URLs

Laragon has pretty URLs when you setup you project in www folder it allows to generate pretty urls like app.test or yourproject.test. Which makes it more and more beautiful things for all of us and developers.

2-One Click App Installation

Yes you read correct you can install app like they are on Capnel by one click.You can easily go and click on it and can easily install apps which is quite and interesting things for the users thy do not need to go to the online site download the files and setup it to locally and then Install it. You just need to go to the Laragon app->Quick app then Click on Install the button the app you want to install.

3-SSL Installation

You can install SSL on your local environment. Some time we are working some apps or scripts which requires SSL installation for testing like Progressive web app setup requires. We can easily install it to the local environment .

How we can do it here is quick way. Right click on web->Apache->SSL Installation .Click on it and you can easily Install it.


Laragon is completely Isolated plateform it does not require any kind of addition dependencies to install on it .You just install it and click on start all buttona and it will start working and you are also can access your local environment.

5-Easy to Work

Quick app installation, One Click Installation of SSL and Isolated environment makes it easy to work .We can do a lot of other things using this one .That’s why this is fast and easy to work. You will also find it helpful in each and every angle.

6-Fast and Modern

It is fast and modern because it fulfills all the requirements of the developers and provide them fast, easy to access and quick work .That’s why you must use it for the one time and I hope when you will use it you will not Uninstall it as it will be very helpful for you.

8-FTP Access

You can easily connect FTP account with the laragon as it provides putty package for the AWS account connections which is essential for us. Developers have to install app and they have to waste a lot of their time but you can easily connect AWS FTP in the Laragon.

Here is quick way how you can do it.

Right click on the web->Tools->Putty. It will redirect you to the files and you can easily connect FTP with it.

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