Top 10 Latest YoWhatsApp Hidden Features, Tips, and Tricks In 2020.

In this age of the modern era, everybody wants to be smart by using the latest technologies and latest strategies. Everybody wants that he should have more knowledge than others. Everybody likes a life hack. Today I will teach you your life hack which will surely be loved by you and your friends. Without wasting our time let’s begin. Today I will teach about Whatsapp life hack. I will discuss the following points.
2-Show Bluetick
3-Who can call me
4-Status view Permissions
5-Flight Mod
6-Online Notification
8-Theme changer
9-Download status
10-Read deleted Message and chats


Privacy has quite an importance in our life. Everybody wants to be secure. In this app, you have a privacy option

1-ChaT Privacy
2-App Privacy

1-Chat privacy

You can make your chat secure by setting a password. Just go to
Three Dot>Yomods>Privacy And Security >Security
Here you can set your Personal chat of Anybody. You can secure it by setting a pin or pattern password.

2-App privacy

Simmilarly you can secure app by setting a pin or password just go to

Three Dot >Yomods>Privacy And Security >Security.

Here you can set your pin or password pattern.

2-Show blue tick

If you want to show your friend that you have read his messages then he shows a blue tick. You can set it you have read his messages but he should not shown that you have not read his messages in reality you have read it. Just go
Three Dot >Yomods>Privacy And Security >Show Blue Tick After Reply.
Here is quite interesting thing that you can set it to your contacts and groups. Just click contacts or groups then set it according to you.

3-Who can call?

You can set it who can call you by going

Three Dot >Yomods>Privacy And Security>who can call me
Here you can set that who can call you.

4-Status view Permissions

When you see someone status he is shown that you have seen his status. If you want that i can see his status but he should not know that you have see his status For this just go

Three Dot >Yomods>Privacy And Security>Hide View status.

Set it as you wants.

5-Flight Mod

Instead of setting whole mobile flight mod you can set it for Yowhatsapp by clicking on the to flight mood icon. You will not recive any calls or messages if you set flight mood.

6-Online Notification

In this app there is very intersting thing is that when someone of your contact list is online then you can se a notification that your friend is online. You can also see it on the right side of the chat friend.


You can translate your messages in every languages of the world. How is this possible. This is possible just click on the messges select more than one and click on the translate. It will tranalate
Note:You need wifi or Internet Package for this

8-Theme changer

You can set layout of your app. Just go :-yomods-Yo Themes-Download Themes. Then you will be show list of themes you can set it according to your choice just by clicking install.

9-Status Download

Here is a solution of your problem. When someone set a status and we like it then we also wants to set as your status. We ask our friend to send it. It may take time and energy. You can download his status just by clicking one click. Yes it is possible. Jus go to status then click on download icon it will save status in your gallery.Now you can set it as your status without asking your friend.

10-Read deleted Messges And Status

You can read even deleted messages and can see deleted status. Jus go:-yomods-Privacy and security-See deleted Messages and chat. Set it according to you.

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