How to make a WordPress blog free in 10 minutes.

Hi everyone ,wordpress is a famouse PHP framwork.You can create your website or blog just by drag and drop.You can custimize everything.It saves your energy ,time and money.It is quite easy,intersting and fatest.Thousands websites had created and thousands have been creating.

Blogs have very important in our life. We can learn from articles. We can teach and educate other people. We can provide information about a specific products. We can even make money from the blog by generating traffic on your blog.

In this article, I will show you how to make your blog just in 10 minutes just by clicking some buttons and by drag and drops. Without wasting our time let’s being. You have to follow these steps.

  1. Installation of WordPress
  2. Install Color Mag theme
  3. Install Require Plugins
  4. Import Demo
  5. Customization


  • Logo
  • Add Categories
  • Manu
  • Post Categories
  • Footer

Step 1: Installation of WordPress

In the first step, you have to install WordPress on your localhost or from your panel. Integrate it with your database and set user name and password.In this way you can install your worpdress website.

Step 2:Install Color Mag theme

In the next step, you have to go to the appearance >Theme>Add New. Then search for the color mag theme.It will be looking like this

Click on the Installation of the theme.It will be install then click on activate .In this way you can install color mag theme.

Step 3:Import Demo

For importing demo from the theme you have to install related plugins.For this click on the install plugings and begain to plugins.You have to install ThemeGrill Demo Importer , Eelementor and Everest Forms, When you did.Then you have to import a demo.

Now you can import demo. Just go to Apperance>Import Demo. Here you can choose your layout what you want.I choose Top Magazines.I like it. Now click on the import Now. Then click on confirm while popup shows. It will start importing demo.It will take some time. Just wait for a few minutes. Well done you have made your blog successfully.It will look like this

Step 4:Customization

After importing your demo you have to customize your blog website.You have to customize your logo,menu , categories, post setting, and your footer.


After importing your demo you have to customize your blog website. For this purpose, you have to go to Apperance>customization.Here you can see your customization option. You can customize what you want.I will customize the logo and favicon. For this, you have to go to site identity and upload your logo and favicon.

Add Categories

For making your manu and layout of your site you have to add categories.I added Lates, General, Laravel, SEO, technologies. You can add according to you according to your requirements.


For Customization of the menu.Go to the Appearance >Manu. Here you have to add categories you just created. Set menu .

Post Categories Setting

Now you have to set layouts of our site. For this purpose go to the visit site then click on the elementor for customization.

Here you have to customize your categories.Just click on the edit button.Now customize the title of the section.I set it Latest.Then on the post you can set number of post you want to set.I set it 5 which by default.Then you can see the next option where you have to select categories which will be shown dynamically it is elementor functionality.I set it popular post.Here will be shown popular post dynamically.


Now you have to customize your footer. Just go Appearance>Theme Editor >Theme Footer here you have to remove this code.

<?php do_action( 'colormag_footer_copyright' ); ?>

Place it with this code

<span style="text-align: center;">					 ęCopyright 2020 By 
<a href="" style="color:white;">Code Specialist</a>

Set it according to you.I set it according to me .In this way you can edit footer.

I hope you learn well and enjoy the article .If you have any question then ask me.For more updates keep visiting Code specialist.

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