How to remove default page on Godaddy Hosting?

A few months ago when I started to build a website. One client came to me and ask me to install WordPress on Godaddy hosting. In few minutes I install WordPress on the cPanel but the issue I face later took 6 hours to fix the error. It was how to remove the default page on Godaddy hosting?. I search a lot about it but I did not found the right solutions. I tried all methods like .htacess redirection, website server settings, etc but all in vain. After all my efforts I tried and was near to leave. Suddenly there was one thing that came into mind and I did it and successfully removed the default page. So I am here to tell you how you can remove it. You just need to follow these steps.

1-Go to File Manager on your Godaddy cPanel.

2-Go into public files

3-Delete homepage.apex page from your public files

Congratulations you have successfully remove your page. Now you can see your domain working fine and your can access your index page.

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