Pakistan added to Approved Amazon Sellers’ List

Congratulation to Pakistan. It is great news for all of the country, especially young entrepreneurs. Now they can create accounts and sell their products sitting in Pakistan by a legal method.

Before that Pakistan was not in the list of Amazon-approved seller list. But many people work on Amazon(International E-commerce Market Place). They work as Virtual Assistant (VA). But they could not sell their products on Amazon. They have to register a company in the United Kingdom or the USA. They have to pay money for it and in this people many people do scam. In this way, many people fail and destroy their money.

But now it’s opportunity for young people and for those who wants to sell their products online. Now they can sell products directly from Pakistan to International market place Amazon.

All credit goes to Government of Pakistan. They are doing hard work to make Pakistan strong. It was officially announced byMinister of Pakistan for Commerce and Investment Abdul Razak Dawood announced on Thursday.

He said that

We have finally made it. @amazon will be adding Pakistan to its Sellers’ List within a few days. We have been engaged with Amazon since last year and now it’s happening. It is a great opportunity for our youth, SMEs, and women entrepreneurs.

Abdual Razak Dawood

Really it’s a great opportunity for young people to do a great thing for their country and nation to boost and empower E-commerce industry. They should be name of Pakistan in E-commerce industry.Prime Ministor of Pakistan also tweet related to this.

A great development as Amazon has finally approved that our sellers can export their goods through their system. Amazon starting operations in Pak will open opportunities for our youth as it will enable a new breed of young men & women entrepreneurs to join the export market.

Imran Khan.

Crediting the PTI government for the development, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s aide tweeted: “What could not be achieved during the last 10 years in the history of Pakistan, has finally been done by the present government.”

Gill said Pakistan has now joined the global market which will result in billions for the country in the form of investment and employment opportunities.

“Thank you Imran Khan.”

Now it’s our responsibility to work hard and sell our products honestly. We should create a name of Pakistan in this industry.I hope you will like this news.For similar news keep on visiting our website.

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